Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Review: Gamestorming by Gray et al.

5 out of 5 Stars

The following is a book review for "Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers" by D. Gray, S. Brown and J. Macanufo. This book was written for individuals at all levels of the enterprise to show different collaboration tools for organizations of all types to bring out creative solutions. The book is clearly written, uses clear examples and is well written and organized. 

The authors do an excellent job of providing an introduction and background on the use of brainstorming games, which they call "gamestorming". Chapter 1 describes the objectives of games and suggests a solid approach for the facilitator. Chapter 2 lists the 10 essential components of a game and Chapter 3 discusses some skills required for effective facilitation. These chapters provide a foundation that allows for a rapid understanding of how the games should flow, how to structure the information, and how to ensure good results.

The remaining five chapter discuss a multitude of brainstorming games to solve many of the problems that an organization faces, which are often best solved through a collaborative effort. I've made slight adaptations to these games to suit my own style and solve client problems in a very smooth and professional way. Best wishes on your path to a new type of gaming!

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